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Refresh Your Soul

Some consider the Bible as only a history book. Some think of it as fairy tales to teach children how to behave. I have heard it said there is no way the Bible could be true, because of the age of the stories and the way it was passed down by word of mouth through time. Others believe the Bible is God's word. So, which one could it be? . . .

The grass withers and flowers fade, but the Word of the Lord stands forever.  Isaiah 40:8

Whenever I am writing, the Holy Spirit fills me with a message to share with you.  However, there are times I sit with my tablet searching for something new.  On days like these I know I need to stop what I’m doing and study God’s word.

Some consider the Bible as only a history book.  Some think of it as fairy tales to teach children how to behave.  I have heard it said there is no way the Bible could be true, because of the age of the stories and the way it was passed down by word of mouth through time.  Others believe the Bible is God’s word.  So, which one could it be?

We know the Jewish leaders kept good records.  In 1946, the Essenes discovered what we refer to today as the Dead Sea Scrolls.  With my family I was able to see some the  Dead Sea Scroll remains in a museum exhibition in Alabama several ago.  It was amazing!  Some of the Dead Sea Scrolls date back to 300 BCE.  Many believe the Essenes living in ancient times were responsible for recording at least some of the events in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which makes the Bible a historic document.

There are stories in the Bible that seem unbelievable and cause many to doubt.  How can a man be inside a big fish for three days and nights?  How could Noah load up all the animals in the ark?  How could a virgin be pregnant?  Well, I certainly do not have all the answers and I’m sure everything can be explained logically with science.  In turn, I ask doubters, how were the great pyramids constructed so perfectly without modern technology and tools?  How did the ancient people carve buildings into stone in Petra, including a 4000-seat amphitheater and the El-Deir monastery?  We know they used water, but could modern engineers and architects recreate these structures with modern tools?  My point is our minds cannot understand everything that is and has taken place around us.  Therefore, we need to have faith.  If these stories were not true, why would ancient people have gone to so much trouble to preserve them for future generations?  Stories and tales can be shared and remembered.  It would not require hiding documents for the future.  Also, miracles happen every day around us.  It was no different in ancient times.  How many times have we seen someone recover from a horrible medical condition that shouldn’t have been survived?  Finally, archeological remains have proven Biblical stories to be true.

So, then the question becomes, is the Bible God’s word?   Many say no.  I say yes.  If you believe the Bible is a history book, then you should understand the history recorded in the Bible is claimed to have come from the living God.  “Thus says the Lord” and “God said” are written throughout the Bible.  In Exodus 4:30 we find that Aaron spoke the words God had given to Moses.  The prophet Isaiah testified regarding a warning given by the Lord for the ancient people to follow his commandments (2 Kings 17:13).  In John 16:12, Jesus explained that he had much to tell, more than we could understand. Paul explained in 1 Thessalonians 2:13, that the ancient Thessalonians should constantly give thanks for God’s word.  We also know that Jesus used God’s word in Matthew 4:10 in battling Satan. Therefore, the Bible has divine origin making it a divine book.

Finally, when I read a novel repeatedly, I always read the same story. When I read my Bible, I always learn something new that pertains to struggles I am encountering.  It is also interesting that often I’m sharing something I learned and others are moved.  I have read thousands of books, and I have never read another book that does this.  I have never followed the instructions in the Bible and hurt someone.  I have never seen where the Bible instructed me to do wrong things.  I believe that the Holy Spirit shows me the answers I need, making the Bible a living historical document and the Word of God.

I’m blessed beyond belief  when I study God’s word and listen to what he is saying.  I pray that you will have the same experience.  I challenge you to take time to study God’s Word.  God bless you.






  1. Well said! When we have a deep, intimate relationship with The Father, we know His character and can believe every part of His Word. The living, breathing, Word of God is alive and He made sure it would be available for all generations. When we know Him, we don’t doubt it.

  2. Thank you for your interest in my blog. I am happy so many believers find it and like it as it reminds me that with Jesus there is no coincidence. Certainly lately I am finding my faith bolstered.

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