You are more precious than jewels.  Proverbs 31:10

Happy Father’s Day!  Praise the Lord today for being the best father ever.  Then, thank him for all the fathers in your life.

I think sometimes the importance of fathers is overlooked.  In our family the fathers are the ones who provide financial stability.  When mom is on maternity leave, dad is doing everything he can to make sure the bills are paid.  My sweet husband worked two jobs for more than twenty years to make sure our children had everything they needed.  Dad is the one who teaches his sons how to treat their future wives and his daughters how they deserve to be treated, by giving mom the best treatment.  When mom is a little over protective because she worries about her children, dad is the one who says “it will be okay, let them . . .”  I saw this with my father, my father-in-law, and my husband.  Now, I see it with my son-in-law.  They teach children to take risks and go a little farther.  Fathers are the protectors of the family, especially during their daughters dating years.  Later, they are the ones who give their daughter’s hand in marriage.  Fathers are the ones who teach their children about God by leading prayers at home and by taking time away from what they want to do to take their family to church.  The dads in our family are wonderful caregivers but also firm disciplinarians, which is what teaches children values, and right from wrong.  They are the ones who teach consequences when mom has a tendency to give in.  Fathers are also the ones who introduce rough play.  While Moms often cuddle, dads roll on the floor and tickle.

Our family is very traditional and I’m so thankful.  There seems to be a lack of value placed on families today.  Sometimes it is unexpected and single parents are forced to be in both roles.  However, whenever possible, I encourage the traditional family, because the roles of father and mother are different and important.

Happy Fathers Day Daddy, Dad, Honey and Tim!  I love you all.

Happy Fathers Day to all fathers everywhere!  God bless you.

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