Forgiveness Thursday – Enjoy Your Family

Of all the people in our lives, the people who can cause the most pain and who we can hurt the most, are our family members. It’s the type of hurt that can sometimes be hard to forget. Even if you cannot forget, make it a priority to forgive and ask for forgiveness. We only have our family members for a short time . . .


I’m honored to share that Hot Shot Headlines nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award.  I have never received this award, and to be considered touches my heart. Thank you Laura Beth! Here is the link to the post where I was nominated. Mystery Blogger Award What is the Mystery Blogger Award? “Mystery Blogger Award” is…Read more »

Sunshine Blogger Award

Posted by on June 29, 2017 SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD   Hi everyone, This is Kay from  I am pleased and thankful to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Tashnee.v.Mavee. Her blog is all about of affordable fashion and feeling good about yourself without spending everything you have in the bank.  The information…Read more »