He has made everything beautiful in it’s time.   Ecclesiastes 3:11

Happy Friday!  It’s a great day to spread God’s love.  My husband and I have taken a few days off to spend a little time together.  So, today I’m going to spread God’s love at home.

We slept in this morning and ate breakfast on the porch together, which is something we rarely take time to do.  As we were eating I was just thinking “wow”.  We rush around everyday and never slow down long enough to enjoy the beauty around us.  The colors were so pure and vibrant.  There was a gentle breeze and fragrance of flowers in the air.  We never feed the birds, but our yard sounds like a bird sanctuary.  I watched this one little bird, who was perched and trying to make the loudest sound possible.  He was so funny.  He rocked back and forth as he sang.  The squirrels played games and teased our Great Dane, Singer, scampering along the fence.  It was a wonderful start to the day.  There were no phones or electronic devices, just my husband and me admiring God’s work. (Enjoy the slide show below.)

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It made me think that we need to take time away from our busy lives to just spend about 30 minutes a day quietly with nature.  It’s relaxing and even therapeutic.  It also helps us put our lives into perspective and understand what’s most important.  I’m so thankful for the quiet times in God’s world.

Do you ever feel like your life is spinning out of control? Do you feel so stressed that your heart is racing? You, too, can enjoy these quiet moments.  Go on a picnic or camping trip. Enjoy a hike or bicycle ride.  Spend the day paddling or fishing.  There are so many ways to take a timeout with nature.  I hope you will find a way to refresh your soul this weekend.  God bless you.

While I was writing this post, my husband drove into town to take care of some business.  When he came back home, he jokingly closed the door quickly and with his back against the door said “I’m not going back out there!”  He began laughing and telling me one story after another about traffic, driver’s with road rage and people who were stressed.  So, today we are going to rest at home in God’s beautiful world.

9 thoughts on “Spread the Love Friday – Quiet Moments with Nature

  1. I’ve always loved going out in nature. It makes one think about God and how beautifully creative he is. My two favorite places are Jasper National Park, in Canada and Monument Vslley, in the U.S.

  2. “We rush around everyday and never slow down long enough to enjoy the beauty around us”. That has been on my mind a lot since moving to Hawaii. I think that’s why I enjoy hiking so much. It gives me that 30 minutes (ok, it’s longer than what you recommend ha) to just take in the beauty around me!

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