It gets better.  Romans 8:18

Happy Friday!  I hope your day is fabulous and your weekend even better.

Many of us are so privileged that we forget how many things we take for granted.  I know we probably waste more food in a day than some people have in a week.  Every morning it feels so good to take a hot shower inside my home where there are climate controls and no bugs.  I sleep in a bed in my house at night.  Think of how many people sleep in a car or on the sidewalk.  Every morning I drive to work in my car.  I don’t have to walk for transportation.  Walking is something I do to stay fit. The list goes on and on.

Today’s challenge is to give up something to help someone else who is less fortunate.  I can’t wait to see your stories.  It will change your life more than theirs .  . . I promise.  God bless you.

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