One Lovely Blog Award – Second Nomination

What an honor to have been nominated a second time for the One Lovely Blog Award!

T. R. Noble from Nobledevotionblog  has been a writer since an early age.  She wishes to use her talents to serve God and I’m so thankful for her.  If you haven’t visited her blog, do so today!  Your life will be touched by her beautiful writing.

Seven Facts About Myself

  1.  My husbands parents live next door to us.
  2.  When I was a child my father worked for the Florida State Park Service as a Park Superintendent.  So, we lived in several Florida State Parks.
  3. My favorite restaurant is Noble Fare in Savannah, GA.
  4. My favorite perfume is Inis.  I think it’s made in Ireland.
  5. If I could be any actress past or present, I’d be Audrey Hepburn.
  6. My favorite childhood dolls were Mrs. Beasley and Drowsey.
  7. I’m fully dedicated and committed to whatever I’m working on whether at work, volunteering, church or family.

Check Out These Bloggers When You Get The Chance

My Nominations Are:

Red Letters

Sneh Modi



Wonderful Words 101

The Kagenza

Bloom and Adore

Nice Trip World

Talk with Pedro

Amazing Tangled Grace



Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them and link their blog in their post!
They must include the rules & add the blog award as an image.
Must add 7 facts about themselves.
Nominate 15 people for the award! (Or, however many you want)

Thanks, everyone! No pressure for the nomination 🙂 and if you don’t have that many people to nominate, it’s completely okay!!



  1. My congratulations! It’s great to have a blog award summer! I wish you more awards for your blog is really full of light! 🙂
    Best wishes,

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