The Lord is greater than the giants you face.  1 John 4:4

Happy Friday!  For many the work week is almost over and the weekend will begin.  It’s a day to anticipate rest, relaxation and time with family.  This is also a day to finish up work for the week.

Have you ever felt wiped out on the last day of the work week, just completely overwhelmed?  Have you ever noticed others in the workplace who feel this way?  One way we can make a positive difference in our world is to comfort those around us.  Small gestures help the most, like just lending an ear or buying someone a soda.

If you are someone who is having a difficult week, take a deep breath and remember fear enables the devil.  Kelsey and I are preparing a video on Job today.  Job had compulsive fear for his children, which was the open door for the devil to destroy the life he knew.

Enjoy your Friday and comfort yourself and others with God’s love.  God bless you.

One thought on “Spread the Love Friday – Build Each Other Up

  1. We certainly can relate to feeling wiped out. Thankfully we are now retired and not have to run crazy doing all the daily routines that come on top of a full time job. One day you’ll be able to relax. God is keeping you strong until that time and will continue beyond then.

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