The joy of the Lord is in my strength.   Nehemiah 8:10

Happy Friday!  Have you ever woke up so happy you could hardly stand yourself?  . . . Or maybe a better question is can your family tolerate you in the morning?  I’m a morning person, and I drive my husband completely insane.  However, I think my morning attitude is rubbing off on him.  He has recently started waking me up saying “Honey, wake up . . . he came last night, and your present is here!”  If that sounds a little confusing, he means God gave us the present moment.  We should enjoy it!

Today, I woke up a little happier than usual and ready to spread God’s love.  You may be thinking, what now?  We do this every week!   In fact, a friend once told me “I can’t think of something new every day!”  There are always new ways to spread God’s love.  If you can’t think of anything new, it’s okay to go back to what you have already done.  Today, I just want to spread love through the happiness of living in the present moment God has given me, and joy of being a child of God.  I feel like David, ready to dance for God.

So, join me today in spreading God’s love through inner joy and happiness that shines through!  God bless you!

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