Blessed are the pure in heart for they will see God.   Matthew 5:8

In the most famous and best sermon of all time, Jesus said “blessed are the pure in heart” (Matt. 5:8).  Have you ever wondered what it means to be pure of heart?  What do you have to do?  Do you need a special drug, like maybe a statin?  With all the sin in the world, have you ever wondered if it’s even possible for people living in 2017 to have a pure heart?  Is it still possible to see God?

Jesus was not speaking about the heart as a biological organ.  He was talking about us keeping our soul pure.  The Greek word for “pure” used in Matthew 5:8 is Katharos, which means clean, without guilt, without hidden agendas, blameless and innocent.  This definition makes me think of a new-born baby, who hasn’t been alive long enough to sin.

When we become Christians, we are like new babies in Christ.  The difference is we have sinned, but when we ask for forgiveness, our guilt is washed away with our sin.  Remaining pure depends on our ability to strive to make good decisions and act without hidden motives and without hypocrisy.  Whenever we realize we are falling into these inappropriate behaviors, we should immediately ask for forgiveness.  God forgives us the same way we forgive our children.  So, even in 2017 we can be pure of heart and see God.   Isn’t that great!!

Join me today in a little “temple cleaning” (1 Cor. 6:19). Let’s keep our hearts pure!  God bless you.

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