Cling to what is  good.  Romans 12:9

Happy Monday!  Sometimes the busiest times hold the most rewards.  This morning I’m watching Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse with my grandson reflecting on the weekend before I take him to school.  We celebrated Landon’s birthday Saturday afternoon.  I think everyone had a wonderful time.

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Also, I thought I’d give you an update on Dominic.  We adopted Dominic about six weeks ago.  He’s five months old now.  He’s at least as large as a grown cat, but wild as a kitten.  This morning it was nice to be awakened by him nudging my leg with his head, rather than attacking me.  We love him.  He’s a good fit with our dogs, too.

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Sometimes when we are starting what we know will be a busy week, we can combat our anxiety by clinging to what is good.  This week for me it is time with my family and my pets.  I’m also very reflective today about a textbook I’ve been reading for school about God calling us into certain ministries.  In less than two weeks I will begin teaching adult Sunday School and I’m very excited about this opportunity. So, these make me smile today.  What makes you smile?

Sounds simple, but as stress comes your way today and throughout the week, think of things that bring a smile to your face, and don’t forget you are never alone.  Have a wonderful Monday!  God bless you.

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