And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.  Deuteronomy‬ ‭31:8‬ ‭

Wednesday is here!  Do you feel alive or do you feel like you are stuck in a depression or darkness from which you cannot return?  Do you feel like life is weighing you down?  Do you have trouble believing in God?

I’ve shared before that I am a morning person.  I love mornings and it drives most people insane. To me it is a quiet time to pull myself together before I start my day.  I get more done before 10:30 a.m. than I do the rest of the day.  I also like the morning because the world is so beautiful.  Have you ever watched the sunrise in the morning?  It’s amazing.  Where we live you can see the dew on the ground and on spider webs that have formed in the night.  On top of all that, the wildlife is out.  We’ve been watching a wild bunny in our yard, and nearly every morning we are serenaded by birds of one variety or another.  Squirrels are chasing each other and teasing our dog.  It’s just beautiful and very peaceful.  The air feels full of hope and new.  It’s an opportunity for a new beginning.

This morning when I was asking God to guide me through today’s post, Matt Maher’s song “Alive Again” came on the radio.  Have you ever noticed how the last song you hear on the radio just kinda sticks with you all day?  Well, that happened to me.  So, I watched his video that tells the story behind the song.  All I can say is Thank You God for leading me in this direction.  I could totally relate to how Matt explains faith, and maybe that is another reason I like mornings.  He explains how even when it is dark and the moon is still out, in the morning you can see light on the horizon.  You can’t see the sun, but you can see it’s light.  That’s what Jesus is to me.  You can’t see the Son, but his light shines through everywhere.

Today, I encourage you to step out of the darkness, embrace the light of Christ and share is love with everyone you see.  God bless you.

13 thoughts on “Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – the Son’s Light Shines Everywhere

  1. It was such lovely morning, you missed the rest of the day and night. 🙂
    This post reminds me of something Sister Alison (OSB, Mucknall Abbey) said:

    ‘Put a light in a window and the light shines through. Put a person in a particular place and God shines through. We are the windows through which the light can shine through to others.’

  2. We too are morning folks and it always starts off with God time. It seems like you say we accomplish more by 10:30 then we do the rest of the day. But the rest of the day is a blessing to just keep steppin.

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