Let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.  Hebrew 10:22

It’s Forgiveness Thursday!  Those of us who work a traditional work week are looking forward to a long three-day weekend.  In some cases this means the winding down of the work week.  In others it means push as hard as you can to meet deadlines.  The latter case is the one with which I’m most familiar.  For those of you who are working harder because a long weekend means the same amount of work in less time, take planned breaks throughout the day, take a deep breath, say a prayer and put your worries in God’s hands.

Speaking of worries, has money ever been a concern for you?  Have you ever robbed Peter to pay Paul?  A few months ago I scanned a check into my bank account via my smart phone.  For some reason the check didn’t go through and I didn’t learn until months later.  Well, the check isn’t that much, roughly $60.  It was brought to my attention that the check didn’t clear and that another check would be issued.  That was around the middle of July.  I thought this was wonderful, because after being in the hospital for three days our money has been tight.  I can’t believe I have so many bills when I didn’t even have any medical tests, other than blood work.  We are by no means living in poverty, but we are a little behind on our bills.  Also, we don’t always make the wisest financial decisions, but we are trying to improve.

Well, it’s September and I still don’t have the check. We’ve still been tithing, but our money is super tight.  So tight, that I didn’t know if I’d have enough to buy my medicine until next Friday (9/8), and I haven’t been feeling well.  So, I checked by bank account yesterday morning.  I moved some money out of our savings account and planned to go pick up my medicine.  God must have known that I was concerned because right before I headed to the pharmacy, I tried to check my account on my smart phone and I couldn’t sign in.  Well, that’s never happened before.  So, I took a chance.  What happened next blew my mind!  I had four prescriptions and the insurance co-pay cost was $0.00.  I can only remember one time in my adult life that has happened.  Usually my co-pay is anywhere from $20 – $200.  Now, for those of you who can find a reason out of believing God helped me, I tell you that whatever your reason is, the timing was perfect.  No one will ever convince me that God wasn’t there and he wanted me to trust him.

I didn’t share this story because I want anyone to feel sorry for me or to hurt anyone’s feelings, because I’d really rather not share my financial situation.  I share it simply because I think God wants me to let you all know that he is still in the miracle business.  He is here everyday and he listens to you when you pray.  He knows your heart and all that you do to help others.  So, no matter how hard things are, keep a cheerful attitude, and a forgiving heart.

Put God first in your life and watch the miracles happen everywhere!  God bless you!


4 thoughts on “Forgiveness Thursday – Miracles Happen Everywhere

  1. One of the reasons why I sometimes share what’s happening in my life, is so I can look back and see what God did. So I can work on faith when I don’t know. I want people to read those stories and for them hoping God will answer them, I pray what God does in my life, before I know, encourages them. I think your story is very similar in this way.

    You’re giving God the praise, nothing else. 🙂 I’m glad you shared, and I’m glad He answered you!

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