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Blogger Recognition Award

I'm humbled and very thankful to have been nominated by Crystal Stewart of Welcome to Crystal's Site (Originally Country Living) for the Blogger Recognition Award. Crystal's Site was one of the fist blog's to follow me when I started Hisperfecttiming. I started blogging at the end of November and Crystal started blogging in January. I love her blog. It's amazing! If you haven't visited Crystal's blog yet, do so right away! . . .

The Blogger Recognition Award

I’m humbled and very thankful to have been nominated by Crystal Stewart of Welcome to Crystal’s Site (Originally Country Living) for the Blogger Recognition Award.  Crystal’s Site was one of the fist blog’s to follow me when I started Hisperfecttiming.  I started blogging at the end of November and Crystal started blogging in January.  I love her blog.  It’s amazing!  If you haven’t visited Crystal’s blog yet, do so right away!


  1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Give a brief story of how your blog started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.  Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

My Story

I started blogging during the Thanksgiving holiday last year (2016).  So, I’ve been posting blogs for about nine months.  I had “things” that I needed to share and felt like I couldn’t speak openly except with my husband.  Whenever I first started blogging, I only had a few followers for a couple of months.  Over time I have been blessed beyond my wildest imagination.  I never realized what a wonderful community could be found in the blogging world.  I have met and become friends with so many people.  Funny, I used to spend a great deal of time on Facebook.  Now, I spend my time reading the posts of my new friends.


Providing two pieces of blogging advice is part of the Award.  However, I feel like I should be reading advice rather than providing it.

  1.  Develop your voice by speaking honestly and from the heart.  For me that has been sharing my wonderful journey with God and trying to provide uplifting posts for my friends with different struggles, because we all have struggles.  The irony is that my blogging friends have lifted me up many, many times.
  2. Blogging takes time.  Yes, of course, we all know that posting takes a little time, but when I first started blogging I was  surprised to find out how much time I was spending working on my blog.  I had originally thought 15-30 minutes a day.  The actual time adds up to hours a day.  A part of the required time is when we read and like the posts of others.  I don’t know if other bloggers feel like I do, but whenever I receive likes or comments it is confirmation that I have been heard.  However, don’t get too caught up on the numbers.  If one person responds, that is one person who wouldn’t have responded had you not posted.

My Nominees

  1.   Inside Cup – it’s truly honor to call author T. R. Noble my friend.  She is a very talented Christian writer.  Never pass the opportunity to read her posts!  She is so humble that I doubt she knows her own talent, but her writing is simply amazing!  She is also a great Christian teacher.
  2. Lighthouse Devotions by JR – One of my newer blogging friends is  Joe Rodriguez, who provides a daily devotional post.  Joe incorporates images and descriptions of lighthouses in his posts.  I love this theme.  As he so nicely points out, all lighthouses are different but have a similar goal of shining the light for ships, much like people shining the light for Christ. I encourage you to visit this site as soon as possible.
  3. lynx real cooking – This is another new blogging friend for me, but I like the writer’s style.  I can sum up this site as photos, family, friends and food.  While the site is a food blog, I feel like it is so much more!  Be sure to pay the site a visit!
  4. It Is Well with my Cat – Since we adopted a kitten about six weeks ago, I have been reading more posts about cats.  This blog has photos, information and stories that include cats.  Although I’m not a millennial, I enjoy reading the posts. Whether you have cats or not, you will enjoy this blog!
  5. Keep on Moving – This site has great motivational advice.  I don’t personally know the writer, but he seems to be the Tony Robbins of the blogging world.  Don’t miss an opportunity to visit his blog!
  6. Letters to a Young Spiritual Seeker – Most bloggers wear multiple hats, but one of my favorites has posts by “Jedi Dad”.  This amazing site has charming inspirational  stories and photos that remind me of when my children were growing up.  Take a few moments to visit this site and enjoy a few moments of life according to my friend, Jedi Dad!
  7. Stories of a Highly Sensitive Introvert  – When I first saw this blog title, I thought . . . Hmmm, this might be me!  Don’t let the title fool you. Although I have never met Nicolle, I love her like a sister. Yes, she has cats too, but she also has daily struggles and great advice.    Visit Nicolle’s blog and become more aware of how we should be mindful of the feelings of others!
  8. Captive Dreams Window – RobbyeFaye posts book reviews and Christian family stories.  This writer is a perfect example of a blogger being busy wearing multiple hats.  Visit the site and enjoy opportunities to win prizes!
  9. Kristi Ann’s Haven – Kristi Ann has a beautiful and inspirational site full of uplifting Christian information.  Take a few moments daily to live life through Kristi’s posts!
  10. Nicky’s Day with Autism – As we learn more, autism is becoming more prevalent on the Internet, in the movies, in books and on television.  I even saw an advertisement for a new television drama about a surgeon with autism. Enjoy the posts of Nicky B, who shares a Christian perspective of living with an autistic child.  The posts bring up topics I’ve never before considered.  The more we know, the more we understand!
  11. Living for Experiences – Join Audrey on her journeys around the globe.  Her photography is fantastic and after viewing her posts you feel like you have been somewhere new.  See the world through Audrey’s eyes today!
  12. Beholding Him Ministries  – This is another Christian daily devotional blog that I follow.  The posts include scriptures, prayers, images and music to start your day in the right way.  Don’t miss a single post!
  13. Witless Dating after Fifty – This was one of my first blog followers.  Her posts are about family and life in general.  She’s an amazing writer.  Check out her blog today!
  14. Silver Screenings – Take a walk down memory lane with images from the “Silver Screen”.  Enjoy Hollywood gossip and movie information from days gone by, when being an actor was much more.  It was a time of movie stars!  This a great blog full of historical information!  Visit today!
  15. Smart Veg Recipes – Have you been looking for healthy vegetarian recipes that even your kids would like?  This site is full of family recipes with an Indian cuisine flare.  Enjoy!

Congratulations and God bless you!


  1. Congrats on the Blogger Recognition, Unique Blogger and Versatile Blogger Awards! 🎉🎊🎈🎂🎉🎊🎈
    I like learning more about my fellow bloggers, so it was great reading more about you. 😀

    Also, thanks very much for the nomination and also the mini-write up about me! I wasn’t expecting that and I really appreciate it. I especially love the part where I gained a blogging sister. ❤❤❤

  2. Thanks for the nomination, and congrats to you on your well-deserved award. All the blogs you nominated look très interesting, and I’ll be paying them a visit over the next several days. 🙂

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