For everyone born of God overcomes the world. This is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.  1 John 5:4

Happy Tuesday!  What a blessing it is to have a great job to return to today!

Last night my husband and I couldn’t find anything on television that we wanted to watch.  We finally settled for a movie called “Unfaithful” that was released in 2002.  If you haven’t seen it, Richard Gere and Dianne Lane’s characters are married.  She has an affair.  He kills her lover unintentionally and hides the evidence.  At the end  of the movie, no one has found out the truth, but as Richard Gere’s character says “we know the truth”.

Have you ever accidentally walked out of the store with something that you didn’t pay for?  Did you go back?  Have you been in a restaurant and decided your bill was so high that it was okay if you wanted to take a glass home as a souvenir?  Have you ever taken a nice robe or towels from your hotel room?  How about supplies from work?  Often we think we have gotten away with a wrong and we may have justified it in our mind, but the truth is we never get away with anything.  We know and God knows.  Having a secret like murder, regardless of intentions, will eat away at you and all your relationships. In fact, knowing you have done something wrong, no matter how small, erodes your self-esteem overtime. You won’t even see it coming.  You will just start feeling different.

Today, I encourage you to ask forgiveness from God and make right as many wrongs as you can.  We all have some.  Then, live guilt-free in God’s love.  God bless you!

8 thoughts on “Try Something New Tuesday – Live Guilt Free

  1. The blessing and grace of forgiveness is we can be free from guilt. I once got to the car and thought that I hadn’t been charged enough for my purchases. Are checking the receipt, I found an expensive pair of shoes were in my bag, but hadn’t been scanned at the register. I went back into the store and paid for the shoes. My children, who were young at the time were watching. But even if they hadn’t been, I did not want that on my conscience for even one minute. I haven’t always done what is right, but I am grateful that God has provided the way of forgiveness and salvation.

  2. Such a great thought provoking post. One that so many of us can relate to. The little things that many think nothing about but once you have that relationship with God it’s hard to even do those little things. Right on point. Blessings.

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