Forgiveness Thursday – Stay Calm

He stilled the storm to a whisper.  Psalm 107.29

Good Morning!  This morning I have a message for my fellow Floridians, and others who are in the path of a storm.

It is totally chaotic in Florida this week.  Even in Northwest Florida where I live, there are gas lines and the store shelves are empty.  I have lived in Florida all my life.  My advice is take the warnings seriously, but don’t panic.  Remember that people are more important than things.  Don’t spread fear.  Stay calm and find somewhere safe to go.  Don’t try to stay in a mobile home or camper.  My family did that during Hurricane Opal because the forecast changed at the last minute and traffic was at a standstill on all highways heading out.  It was a mistake and it was very frightening.  We are so blessed that God was with us.  If you are unsure whether you will be affected by this storm, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  Also, be aware that there are people who try to take advantage of others, either out of fear or meanness, during disasters, through price gouging, looting, vandalism and other criminal activity.  Be safe.  Do all that you can do.    Then trust God.

For my friends and family who will be working the storm, be safe.  We appreciate your efforts and are praying for you.

Join me in praying for all people who are affected by storms today.  God bless you.


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