Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.   Matthew 11:28-29

Good Morning. This morning I have some good news to share.  I received my Advanced Diploma in Theology in the mail yesterday!  One thing I have learned from working and going to school is to never belittle a class someone is taking to improve themself, especially if they have a family and work.  Just the effort is worth positive acknowledgement.  Learning and growing is difficult and rewarding.  It requires us to step out of our comfort zones and routines, and stretch ourselves in ways we never knew possible.  When we do this with God by our side, he guides our steps and path. That’s good for all of us!  Also, I have learned that there are people in our lives that can make self-improvement easier or more difficult.  My husband is very supportive and has stepped up to make my tasks easier.  If you have someone in your life who is trying to do better, help them if you can.

Obtaining this degree was pure joy!

Have you ever been short-tempered?  Have you found yourself tired, but pushed to meet deadlines?  Have you ever taken out your bad day or frustrations on some undeserving person?  Do you feel like others don’t understand sometimes?  Do you find that certain behaviors send your tired mind into a tailspin of suspicion?  Do you ever go to work  with high expectations for yourself, only to go home wondering “what just happened?”  Well, I’d like to say I have never done any of this, but I have been there many times.  It is wonderful that we can ask for forgiveness and rest knowing that God understands, but what about the people around us.  They have expectations too.  I try to ask others for forgiveness, but is that enough?  Most of us try to improve. I know I do, but sometimes the simple act of trying sometimes makes things worse.

One thing we all need to do is rest and turn to God.  In Isaiah 41:19 God tells us to fear not because He is with us.  He understands and is there to help us.  Then, we need to follow the instructions of Jesus in  Matthew 11:28, “come to me all who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”  When we ask for forgiveness, we should also ask for help in controlling our behavior.  The next step is REST.  Sometimes we just need to slow down and rest.

Today I encourage you to turn to Jesus and rest.  God bless you.

14 thoughts on “Forgiveness Thursday – Forgive and Find Rest

  1. Congrats on your Advanced Diploma in Theology! 🎊🎉🎈🎂🎊🎉🎈
    That’s a big achievement, though you’re right that even just the effort of improving oneself is commendable. 😀

    I’ve had my days of bad-tempered snappiness, though these days I’m trying to make an effort to downplay the strength of my words so it doesn’t get worse. 🙂

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