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Big Bold Saturday

So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive his mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.  Hebrews‬ ‭4:16‬ 

I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!  Today is Dominic’s six month Birthday.  Does this little guy look six months old?

Do you ever feel like you are doing all you can, and you keep getting knocked down?  Are you running a race where unexpected obstacles are thrown into your path?  How about unexpected bills?  Are you trying to avoid drama, but it keeps finding you? Are you striving for excellence but still making mistakes?  Do you finally make it to the weekend to find that you have more to do than time will allow?  I feel that way too sometimes.

God calls us to live a bold life.  We are made strong in his image.  Yet we are imperfect in our ways.  That’s okay.  We don’t have to be perfect.  Isn’t that great!  Are you are working hard to obtain “things”?  Paul told Timothy in his letter of encouragement that we came into this world with nothing, and that is the way we will leave (1 Timothy 6:6-8).  That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t plan for the future, because we know that Joseph helped the Pharoah by planning for years of famine ( Genesis 41).  Also, Proverbs 6:6 and 30:25 references people should behave like ants, who work hard and store up for the winter.  God doesn’t want us to be foolish and try to keep up with what others are doing.  He doesn’t want us to compare ourselves with others.  It leads to bitterness and we will never gain understanding about what appears to be unfair if we are constantly comparing.  Instead, work hard in the moment and plan for the future.  Take one day at a time, and remember what is most important in your life.  Love God first and foremost.  Then, love those around you.  When you become too stressed, take a break.  Take a walk and enjoy our beautiful world.  If you can’t get out, spend time with a faithful pet, like Dominic. Talk to your Heavenly Father.  He understands and will bless you beyond measure.

I hope you have a wonderful Saturday.  Live boldly and trust God.  God bless you!



  1. What a cute cat! Looks like a smug teenage kitty to me, ready to take on the world. 😸

    I think this is a great post; I feel there’s way too much unhealthy competitiveness in this world (“Fight each other for that office promotion!” “Rich = success!”), and honestly I’m like, “You want the first spot? Here, have it.” I’m not a competitive person, though I don’t mind a little bit of healthy competition (like I have a mini weekly challenge with my best buddy to write / draw anything by Monday night). 😀

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