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Tell Me Something Good Monday – Amazing Grace

By His amazing grace I am saved.  Ephesians 2:8

Happy Monday!  I apologize for not having a post yesterday.  Our Internet is out again and has been since Saturday.  Here’s the good news, you can live without it.  We spent a good portion of the day at church, came home, did a few chores, and enjoyed an evening reading.  It was nice.

Yesterday, our church readings were on Jonah and the parable of the worker in the vineyard, which is found in the Book of Matthew.  As one of my Sunday School class members said “this spells GRACE anyway you look at it.”  When I read about Jonah, I could relate to how he felt about the Assyrians in the capital city of Nineveh.  He thought they shouldn’t be saved, because they had taken over Israel and were holding the Israelites in bondage.  I could also relate to the first workers in the vineyard parable.  How often have I seen similar stories play out in life.  So, my question in Sunday School was would you rather have justice or generosity?  God’s love is forgiving and gracious.  The rules that people have come up with to be fair, will never make it.

My Sunday School Class is awesome!  They teach me more than I teach them and my life has been blessed beyond belief by each one.  One member said he saw the parable as talking about salvation at the end our life.  I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that is true.  How many people are saved on their death-bed?  It is good that God loves us either way, but don’t wait.  You never know when your time on earth will end.

The best part of Sunday School yesterday was hearing stories from each person about the miracles God has worked in their lives.  God’s timing is always perfect and I see it with each story I hear.   Sometimes as Christians we need to take time to share.  It makes a difference.

Have a wonderful day and remember that God’s grace is always enough!  God bless you.



  1. Glad you are up and running again – but isn’t it amazing God always fills our time with plenty of things to keep us productive when our internet is down. 🙂

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