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Spread the Love Friday – What Will You Do?

May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, LORD, my Rock and my Redeemer.          Psalm 19:14

Happy Friday!  Take a few minutes today to celebrate all you have accomplished this week.  Then, start your renewed plan of how you will make a difference in the world.  Share it with everyone.  You’ll be surprised how fast the word will spread and how many people will be on board joining you.

Do you consider yourself to be a person of integrity? I did until I started taking a quiz in Dr. William Greenman’s book Purpose, Destiny, Achievement:  Proven Strategies for a Productive God-Centered Life! (119-122).  Dr. Greenman asserts that integrity is something you develop, not something with which you are born.  Some of the questions in the book are included below.

Are your stories embellished for effect?  Do you exceed the speed limit instead of obeying traffic laws?  Would you feel comfortable sitting next to Jesus while you watch television shows and movies?  Would you want Jesus to know what you are reading?  When you tithe is it based on your net salary? Is cheating on taxes something you might consider or do?  Do you keep your promises and commitments?  Would you be embarrassed for Jesus to hear you speak?  Ouch!  Tough test.  However, it is true that Jesus knows everything we do and say, and one day we will stand in judgement.  I will be embarrassed at some of the things I’ve done in my life.  I’m so thankful for grace!  No one is perfect, but if we want to lead change in the world, we  need to be a people of integrity.  Others need to know that they can depend on us, and believe what we say.  When leaders lack integrity, they aren’t respected.  When Christians lack integrity, it turns others away from God.

As you go out in the world today, examine yourself and start developing your integrity!  God bless you.


Greenman, W., Purpose, Destiny, Achievement:  proven Strategies for a Productive God-Centereed Life!   Purpose International, 2005.


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