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Praise the Lord Sunday – Step It Up!

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.    Ephesians‬ ‭2:10‬

Praise the Lord it’s Sunday!

Have you ever become so caught up in your own life that you don’t even realize how blessed you are?   Are you complacent when it comes to world hunger or health problems?  Is your comfortable life insulated from the problems of the world?  Do you feel like it’s not your problem? Are you a giving person who is just afraid to try or doesn’t know where to begin?

We live in a nice suburban neighborhood outside a small Florida town.  We have food, a modest home with heating and cooling, Internet, Dish TV, and other “things” that we take for granted every day.  I rarely stop to think about how many hundreds of million people are hungry every day, or how many children will die of poverty today. When I get sick, I’m aggravated that I have to go to the doctor.  I rarely consider how many people need medical care and will die because it is an option unavailable to them. Today, the Lord has placed a heaviness in my heart about my complacent attitude.

So, how can Christians make a difference?  Jesus knows our weaknesses and strengths.  He uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.  He uses humility to teach us how to serve.  So how can we get started?  First, we can be thankful. Counting our blessings and keeping a gratitude journal helps keep our thoughts in perspective.  Second, we need to remember that we aren’t equal to God, but we can follow the examples of Jesus’ life  (Philippians 2:5-7).  All we need to do is study the Gospels.  Third, we can be faithful in prayer, always remembering to listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling us.  If your supervisor was telling you to do something at work and you weren’t listening, it would be difficult to follow through as requested.  Similarly, if we aren’t listening, extraordinary help is less likely to come from us.   Fourth, we can keep a prayer journal.  I keep a book with me at all times, where I write down names.  Not only is it a reminder, but it lets others know that I’m serious.  It’s also nice to look back at the answered prayers.  Finally,  we need to love our neighbors, listen to their suggestions and work together toward positive change.  When we are able to work cooperatively, we will accomplish more with less resources.  That means Christians from different denominations putting differences aside and realizing our common strengths.   As we spend more time focusing on others and less time focusing on ourselves, we will become the Church that can take on the world.

Today, as you worship God ask him to use you to make the world a better place.  God bless you.


  1. Amen! While I believe we are ever so thankful daily – hubby and I start our days first thanking God for another day and for all of our blessings. But-do we think of so many others without the basics of life? Do we keep our prayers focused on our loved ones?
    I love the idea of a prayer pad/notebook! Maybe that’s why I pray for my own little world-I remember those prayer needs. But what about those random moments when God prompts me to prayer for a stranger? I want to remember them in my prayers!

    1. It’s easy to get caught up in own lives. Together we can make a difference! God bless you!

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