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Try Something New Tuesday – Call on God

Israel, put your hope in the LORD both now and forevermore. Psalm 131:3

It’s Try Something New Tuesday!  Monday seemed like a blink in time.  I spent the day in the role of fire woman, putting out fires.  Whenever we spend all our time trying to fix life’s problems, it seems like we aren’t able to accomplish our daily tasks, but the truth is that is when we are able to help others the most.  I’m not saying that we don’t have to do our assignments at work and our chores at home, but sometimes the simple act of listening to someone who is in distress, or taking the time to show someone how to perform a particular task the right way really makes a difference in the attitudes of the people in our lives.  Sometimes it can save us time down the road.

Have you ever met someone who you wanted to help, but they just couldn’t get past a particular hang-up?  Do you have people who complain daily, but don’t seem to understand where the problem really lies, because it’s easier to blame others?  I have people in my life who fall into these categories, and from time-to-time I have been there.  Where do you draw the line between giving up all your time to their complaints and taking a step back?  I have been asking myself this question lately.  I think the answer is listen, pray, ask them to pray, and help them find ways to give back.   What I have seen is after a while, they stop complaining because what you are saying isn’t feeding into their drama.  You see when we have emotional pain, sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond ourselves.  When we are able to focus on something else, like helping others, we spend less time thinking about how pitiful our situation has become.

Today, turn to God and help others turn God’s way.  God bless you.



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