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Tell Me Something Good Monday – Embrace New Opportunities

Always put your hope in God.  Hosea 12:6

Happy Monday!  It’s a glorious day in Florida, and a great time to share something good.  I tried two new things this past week.  Both were awesome.  I attended a Wednesday Bible Study, which is a great time to spend lunch.  It was a relaxed opportunity to learn more about God’s word.  Then, Saturday night my husband and I enjoyed a relaxed evening with our friends on the Church vestry, our priest and our bishop.  We had so much fun.  I think part of the joy came from unplugging our electronics for a couple of hours and just enjoying sitting outdoors with friends.  We also enjoyed Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning with our grandson.  Please share your good Monday morning stories.  It’s a great way to start the day and week.

Do  you ever struggle with Monday mornings?  Do you have trouble getting out of bed and going to work?  Do you wish your weekends would never end?  Do you sometimes feel more tired after the weekend?  Me too!  The good news is Mondays are full of new opportunities to share God’s love and make a difference in the world.  Think of all the ways you can make a difference in your boss’s life today!  By the way, it’s National Bosses  Day too!  Think of all the ways you can help the people who come into your life today.  They too are struggling with Mondays.  You might be the very person, who can change their life.  Isn’t that great!  Today, shine like a radiant light and watch the world change before your eyes.

Today, give thanks to God and make your Monday great!  God bless you.



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