Try Something New Tuesday – Find the Gold

Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.  Proverbs 13:20

It’s Try Something New Tuesday! There is always something new we can try that will help us grow as Christians.  I have heard that if you have memory problems, try to wear your watch on the opposite hand, because it forces you to think differently.  I don’t know if that suggestion really helps, but thinking differently sometimes does.  So what will you try today?

Do you ever see someone and just cringe?   You know it is not Christian-like, but something that person says or does just drives you crazy.  Have you ever been there? I certainly have.  I hate when people hang their hat on a popular word or phrase like “like,” “you know,” “whatever,” “it was meant to be,” “everything happens for a reason,” “due diligence,” “think outside the box” or a similar phrase or word.  Occasional use is okay, but when it is constant . . . it might as well be fingernails grinding on a chalk board.  In the scheme of things, using popular phrases is not a big deal, so how can we think differently.  One thing we can do is find something special to like about that person.  Everyone has something.  Find whatever it is that makes that person really unique and focus on it.

Try to think differently today.  Find the gold in someone!  God bless you.