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Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Let God Shine the Way

The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Psalm 27:1

I can’t believe it’s November already!  It’s Wednesday and a great time to use your gifts to help others.

Have you ever felt confident God was answering a prayer, when suddenly something happens that brings doubt to your mind?  I have too.  Months ago I asked God to cure my Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Over the past few months I have been feeling better. Funny, the more I do for God, the better I feel. Yesterday, I had an appointment with my Rheumatologist.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, God has sent the nicest, most caring doctors to me.  Well, I had some inflammation, my white count was low and there were some concerns over my eyes.  My mind went to working in overdrive.  What now?  Oh no, what if. . .?

While I was in the doctors’ office, the nurse who was assisting me was talking about mammograms.  That was another appointment I had yesterday.  Her best friend had recently undergone total mastectomy surgery.  I explained that our group Crafty Ladies at Work (CLAW) makes knitted knockers and crocheted tatas, as well as prayer shawls.  Quickly I began texting my group so we could get to work making tatas for this lady.  It occurred to me later in the evening that nothing has changed.  I’m still healed.  God was just slowing me down to give the nurse time to tell me about her friend.  I have too much work yet to do for God to let the evil one slow me down.  As long as God needs me to do his work, I will never give up.

Today, when you go out into the world, focus on helping God and he will show you the way.  God bless you.


  1. Thank you for those encouraging words. I empathize with what you shared. Been there, too. We have to just keep believing, resting and trusting. God will see us through to the end. Sue

  2. Your question concerning us being confident God was answering a prayer, when suddenly something happens that brings doubt to your mind…this happens to me often. Once God allows me to recognize the lie, who’s intentions was for me to doubt God, I remember that God has already given me everything pertaining to life and godliness in Christ Jesus….and in Jesus my healing exist. Healing is not based on what we can or can’t see, hear, feel, touch, taste, etc. It’s because of what God said and he is truth..he doesn’t just speak truth but he is it. Who’s report will you believe!?! Trust God and never doubt 💕

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