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Forgiveness Thursday – Rise and Change the World

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.  John 3:17

Happy Thursday!  When I look outside this morning, I can’t believe it’s December 21st.  The fog is so thick and heavy it looks like Halloween.

Have you ever had a heaviness in your heart?  Is something bugging you?  Do you feel unworthy of the redemption that Christ paid for with his life?  Once I felt too dirty with sin to go to church.  Then, I read John 3:17.  God doesn’t want to condemn us.  He loves us.  He is willing to forgive you anytime, and you don’t have to buy forgiveness with money.  So, why wait?  Ask now.  While you are asking for forgiveness, forgive others.  Last Sunday during his sermon our minister said it better than I have ever heard anyone explain it.  God loved us so much that he wanted to know what it was like to live on earth in a human body and experience joy, pain, and sorrow.  Of course, I’m talking about the incarnation or the embodiment of God the Son in human flesh as Jesus Christ.


I can’t remember whether I read or heard this story, but I want to share it with you.  A young girl was complaining to her father about something bad that had happened at school.  The father instructed the girl to conduct an experiment.  Bring three pots of water to a boil.  Place a potato in one pot.  Place an egg in one pot.  Put some coffee beans in the last pot.  After a few minutes the father turned the stove off and asked the girl what she noticed. The girl replied to her father that the potato  became mushy, the egg was hard now on the inside, and the coffee had changed the water into something that smelled good.  The father went on to explain that the potato, egg and coffee had experienced the same adversity.  Yet, the potato came out mushy and the egg became harder, while the coffee changed the water into something nice.  We are like this story.  Don’t let adversity change you.  Change the world instead.


Keep a forgiving heart and change the world with a great attitude.  God bless you.



  1. Wonderful. How can we not forgive, when our Lord paid the for our offenses in order to restore us to intimacy with the Father? Thank you for this reminder.


    1. Thank you. I had a problem forgiving until I understood what this truly meant. I can’t really wrap my mind around the burden and pain associated with dying for all sins past, present and future. We often forget just how blessed we are!

  2. Joking, I couldn’t help but think the father in the story wanted coffee. Really nice post 🙂 I also think Christ had to be human because we messed up, and He was the only One who could overcome sin. Since He experienced life like us, including temptation, we really are that much more connected to Him than what people previously had with God. We can’t say He doesn’t understand. I believe He did before, but if people had any doubt, they can’t say that now.

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