Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Put on Jesus

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.                                                          Romans 12:2

Happy Fruit Cake Day!  I can hardly believe there is a day for fruit cake.  It’s good to have traditional foods and activities because it reminds us of loved ones that have gone before us.


Today, we are going to learn Romans 12:2.  For practicing purposes I have listed this verse and the ones we have already learned on the app ScriptureTyper under the group Hisperfecttiming.  If you have been keeping up with learning the verses, this is number five.  You should be pleased with your progress.


Have you ever wondered what it means to “not be conformed to this world”?  Do you already know and wonder if that is even possible?  What the verse is saying is to focus on spiritual gifts and walking in the steps of God, not worldly things.  I was thinking about this last night.  Technology is advancing and changing so rapidly, that we have to keep focused at least a little on worldly things in order to function in modern society.  This verse is telling us to avoid putting too much importance on worldly things.  In terms of technology, can you enjoy time with your family without using electronics?  Why not enjoy a walk with your family? My grandmother used take me for walks down the country dirt road where she lived.  She told me stories that I remember today.  Enjoy a family dinner where you start with a prayer, and talk to one another about the day’s events.  Enjoy quiet time with God and your family every day that is uninterrupted by phone calls and texts.


Yet, there is more to this verse than technology.  Worldly things might be the language we use. In Psalm 109:18 David described his neighbor as if he put on the clothes of someone cursing.  Those clothes transformed the neighbor.  Make no mistake, others saw the change.  Have you ever associated someone with the company they kept?  My parents warned me about this when I was growing up.  We are supposed to love our neighbors, but we don’t need to hang out at a meth lab.

Sometimes women and men dress inappropriately, do inappropriate things, and go inappropriate places.  They are putting on worldly things.  People see their true character, too.  This is one reason we hear people say “the church is full of hypocrites”.  Are we hypocrites?  I don’t think so.  I think we are all at different places in our journey. Some of us are still infants, but we need to keep growing in Christ. Please understand that others notice when what you say and what you are doing don’t line up.


So, whether you are at home or out in the public, put on Jesus as we are instructed to do in Romans 13:14.  If we are focused on being, speaking, giving, teaching and praying like Jesus, we won’t be focused on worldy things.  Instead, we will be concentrating on renewing ourselves in what is good, perfect and acceptable to God.

Enjoy some fruit cake today and put on Jesus.  God bless you.



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