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Tell Me Something Good Monday – Gifts

I wish that all of you were as I am. But each of you has your own gift from God; one has this gift, another has that. 1 Corinthians 7:7

Happy Monday!  It’s a great time to share something good.  I want to share about my husbands Chicken Soup.  It was the most-perfect thing that I could have put in my mouth last night.  There’s something about comforting food and good company that really makes us feel good.  I had both, and managed to stay on track with weight watchers.  After three weeks, I have lost twelve pounds.  I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I feel good about losing 12 pounds during the holidays.  Plus, I haven’t felt too deprived.  I have been on the weight watchers program many times over the years, but the new Freestyle program is the best yet.  If you are searching for a program, maybe this will work for you too.  I will provide updates from time to time, so you can also share your experiences if you’d like.  It’s always good to have a weight loss and exercise buddy.


Have you ever thought you weren’t special?  Have you felt like you have nothing to really offer the world?  Do you feel overshadowed and like you need to shine?  Everyone is special and loved by God.  Everyone!  Please know that each of us have special gifts.  We are not all alike.  Sometimes we may want to be like someone else, but that is really cheating ourselves and God.   Our gifts are equally special.  God calls us to use our gifts in different ways.  Regardless to what our gifts are or how we use them, we will be rewarded equally in heaven if we are using them as we are called.  If God calls you to be a greeter at church, don’t feel insignificant.  I know one particular greeter at our church that gives me reason to show up every week.  If you are not a minister, you should not feel that you don’t count.  If God calls you to be a minister, you should not look down on the ladies and men who cook and deliver food.  Each person’s job is important.  I appreciate all the roles.  What I think is most important is how you feel in your heart when you are doing God’s work.  Do you put on a smile and say “I’m doing my best for you today God”?  You should.  Every person has different gifts and each gift is unique.

As you go into the world today, use your gifts to make a difference.  God bless you.


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