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Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Speak Life

Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable and pleasing in Your sight, O LORD, my [firm, immovable] rock and my Redeemer.
‭‭PSALM‬ ‭19:14‬ ‭AMP‬‬

It’s a frozen Wednesday in Florida today.  The temperature is below 27° and it has been raining.  While my body is frozen, I am thankful for the cold.  I have been told that cold weather helps control the populations of unwanted insects.  That is what I’m counting on!


Has your mouth ever gotten you into trouble?  Have you ever wanted to take back something you said?  Have you ever thought your words were okay, but were taken wrong?  Me too!  It is so easy to get in trouble with our tongues. In fact, you can look through the Bible and find the word tongue mentioned 42 times.  Our speech can bring life or bring people down.  If loving our neighbor is the second most important commandment (Matthew 22.39), and it is, then how we speak to others is very important!


Equally as important is the ability to listen without interrupting.  Just listen and pay attention.  It is easier said and done.  I heard someone say that they pause before responding.  I think that is good advice, especially as I grow older.  The pause gives me time to digest their words a little longer so that I can truly understand what they meant.  Always remember that we never know what someone is going through at any particular time.  Yesterday I saw a friend that I had not seen in several years.  She was very quiet and subdued.  Later in the day, I learned that one of her children had recently committed suicide.  I didn’t do anything wrong when I saw her.  However, had I known the situation I might would have been more caring toward her.  So, this morning I ask myself, shouldn’t I be more caring to everyone all the time?  It’s something to think about.


Finally, I want to remind you that texting has no tone, which often leads to misunderstandings.  We have enough misunderstandings just listening to people.  I heard a friend say yesterday that she was in the doctors’ office and the receptionist asked her “Gay”?  She replied “I didn’t know.” The receptionist said “no, is your last name Gay?”  Funny.  I have seen more misunderstandings with texting and funny situations involving autocorrect than I care to admit.  So, use discretion on conversations involving texting.  If it is a sensitive subject, just call the person, or better yet, go see them in person.

So, today text with care, listen more, pause before speaking and bring life to others with your words.  God bless you!


  1. So important to remember this. Especially with texting and even these comments where we are typing a response and the tone can’t be heard but assumed. Thanks for a great reminder to think before we speak! We love that song too. Toby Mac is who got my hubby to start listening to Christian music. We’ve been to a few of his concerts. One of them, I was pregnant with our son… I was worried I would go into labor bc it was a ways away from home. We joked that we would just name him Toby 🙂

  2. Wise words! Our mouths have the power to brings joy, hope, encouragement and comfort and yet that same mouth can destroy and hurt. We should choose daily to be a blessing in someone else’s life by the words we use each day. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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