Shades of Grey

The silver-haired head is a crown of splendor and glory; It is found in the way of righteousness.
‭‭PROVERBS‬ ‭16:31‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Happy Saturday!  It’s a lazy Saturday at my house.  Our grandson spent the night and we slept in this morning.  Ahhh.


A couple of months ago I noticed and accepted the fact that my hair is now shades of grey.  Which led me to realize that I’m only fooling myself about others not knowing my age.  I mean, why am I coloring my hair?  Is it to convince others or myself that I’m young?  Or maybe it is because it makes me feel good?  This is definitely a personal decision, but I talked with my husband and we decided that now is a good time to transition into grey hair, which is the real outward me.  Also, now is a good time with grey hair being popular for all ages.  So to make the transition easier, my hair dresser colored my hair some “ashier” shades and applied a grey toner over the top.  If you are considering doing this, let me give you a word of warning.  Give yourself some time and be gentle with yourself.  I was blonde for fifty  something years, when I looked in the mirror I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I would be.  It took me a while to adjust.  Now, two weeks later, I love it!  In the book of Proverbs the Bible tells us that silver hair is “a crown of splendor and glory” that is “found in the way of righteousness” (16:31).  Isn’t that awesome!


Hair isn’t the only thing in life that can be shades of grey.  Many important decisions on the surface don’t appear black and white.  I am reminded of Billy Joel’s song also called “Shades of Grey”.  While the song appears on the surface to be about war, it has many layers and applies to our every day decisions.  When we are young, right and wrong seem absolute, but with age we realize there are many dimensions to dilemmas.  That’s when the question hit us like a brick wall.

Once I had a job opportunity that seemed promising.  In my lack of great wisdom I drew out all types of charts with different scenarios, and went back and forth in my mind on what was the best decision.  Did I make the best decision?  I don’t know.  I do know that in all my great wisdom and predictions for the future, none of the scenarios were even close to what happened.  In retrospect, I should’ve put the entire situation in God’s hands.  I know a couple who are considering whether to have a second child.  There is so much to consider: money, careers, marital concerns, age differences between children, and housing to name a few.  Should they take a chance?  No one knows what the future holds.  No one!


While these scenarios are real in every way, I also know that some decisions are much tougher with more devastating consequences, like whether to disconnect life support from a loved one or what to do when your child is in jail.   The best action is to pray and trust God.  I love the verse John 5:30, which tells us that by ourselves we can do nothing, because our judgement is limited.  However, when we seek to please God, His perfect plan will come together in our lives.

May the colors of your life be vibrant and bright!  God bless you.