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Praise the Lord Sunday – Include God in Your Giving

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

It’s a glorious Sunday and I hope you are enjoying your day!  Our day started nice with Church, a fellowship breakfast and Sunday School.  Today, our minister’s sermon was about being called into discipleship.  Have you ever thought about what you’d be able to give up?  Jesus chooses ordinary people like us to be his disciples every day. He doesn’t do background checks, or require extensive education.  Everyone has a role, or probably several roles.  Isn’t it wonderful!


As Christian disciples it is wonderful to be able to help others.  We enjoy it so much that we try to help others everywhere we go.  Similarly, we help others without checking credentials and on faith.  We don’t have to be rich to help others, but sometimes others might see us that way or take advantage of our generosity.  Let God lead you in your giving.


Recently an acquaintance of mine cried to me about her need for money for her family.  She claimed they had sold many of their belongings to buy food, and were skipping meals because they lacked food.  Then, the story escalated into how she had no reason to live.  I hear this story regularly from her.  My heart is not hard, but some things just don’t add up.  First, her hair and nails are polished to perfection.  She is clothed in designer clothes.  She drives expensive vehicles and travels almost every weekend.  On top of that, no one at her house works.  Knowing she was asking for money, I suggested she get a job and recommended churches and other places that would give her family food.  That is when I heard a click.


The good news is that Romans 8:28  tells us “that in all things God works for the good of those who love him . . . [and] . . .who have been called according to his purpose.”  I say the good news, because I felt a little guilty and wondered should I have done more.  I mean, whom am I to judge.  Then, God opened my eyes this morning.  Right there on Instagram she was decked out in some of the finest clothes and traveling two states away.  There is no point in telling the remainder of the story.


We all have financial choices.  Mine are not always the best and we are certainly not rich.  However, when I stand before God I want to be able to say that I worked hard and helped others as much as possible.  There is nothing wrong with asking for help, but taking advantage of others is wrong.  It’s not a wrong we should punish.  We just need to be aware that everyone is not honest.


God’s word tells us that working is good.  Do you remember the story about the Ant and the Grasshopper (Aesop’s Fables, numbered 373 in the Perry Index)?  The ant worked all summer and stored up for the winter, while the grasshopper played all day.  Proverbs 6:6 tells us to consider the ant’s ways to be wise.  Similarly, Joseph, after being sold by his jealous brothers and undergoing many trials, helped the Pharoah by storing up a percentage of the crops for the years of famine (Genesis 37-45).  Working and saving is good advice that we all need to work on.  Then, we should remember not to compare ourselves.  Remember to help your family, the elderly and the disadvantaged.  Giving and helping others is honorable and good. Don’t judge others, but always consult God in your financial decisions and giving.  Then, after you have given to someone, walk away.  It’s theirs to use however they please from that moment on.


God bless you.



  1. Thanks for sharing. I think you made the right decision. We must pray for discernment so we don’t waste resources on someone who doesn’t need them, when they could very well be given to someone who does. This is an excellent post!

  2. My wife and I have encountered similar.

    There have been people who we used to give money to fairly often.
    Initially, it was a great thrill to help those people, (they are genuinely needy).
    But the thrill wore off when we discovered that we were being lied to about certain urgent needs, as well as an attitude that became expectant for us to always give. It seemed that all they had to do was pick up the phone and make that cash call.
    Every two weeks or so it would be yet another extreme crisis where they needed some more “help.”

    After a while this got real old. (I know my attitude maybe ain’t good, but I’m human).
    So I went and presented a budget plan to one of these people, and it wasn’t well received.
    In fact, none of these people ever seemed to want any of my advice about either how to budget their resources, or creative ways to make income.

    What happened?
    We’re talking about different people, in different cities, all unrelated to each other.

    I quit giving money to two of them, and the 3rd, I only give minimally, (for rx meds, and such), and this person is a relative.

    It’s hard ain’t it?

    I’M NOT SAYING ANY OF THIS TO SAY “LOOK AT ME, I GAVE MONEY TO PEOPLE.” (Believe me, it wasn’t much money).

    I’m saying this to tell anyone that you ain’t alone if you struggle with guilt over should you just keep giving no matter if you’re being used or not.

    I know that I struggle with this emotion. Because as a Christian, I know that I’m supposed to give to whoever asks of me. And I know that I’ve failed in this test.

    1. This encourages me. I felt a little guilty just writing this post. I know we are supposed to give, but we don’t have to be a doormat for people who don’t try to help themselBut then again, Jesus .

      1. Oops. I accidentally posted too soon. I want to imitate Jesus. My resources are limited. Is it okay to help everyone a little, but draw the line over time with those who don’t help themselves? Because sometimes it is family, which seems more challenging.

  3. Oops. I accidentally posted too soon. I want to imitate Jesus. My resources are limited. Is it okay to help everyone a little, but draw the line over time with those who don’t help themselves? Because sometimes it is family, which seems more challenging.

    1. All I know is, Jesus gives and gives…and we take from Him, using Him.
      And like I stated above…I know that I’ve failed this test when it comes to giving to others.
      We have the mind of Christ. But our fleshly mind seems to be there too don’t it?

      1. I know you are right, but my mind goes to John 5:1-9. Jesus healed the man but he said “do you want to get well? . . . Get Up! Pick up your mat and walk.” When I read this verse I wonder how someone could not roll, wiggle or somehow make it to the pool in 38 years. It seemed like Jesus was saying “I will help you, but get up and help yourself.” Maybe I’m wrong.

      2. That’s interesting to think about. I don’t have all the answers either, so don’t feel bad, none of us do. (Hey…if someone thinks he has all the answers, get away from him).
        We just do the best we can. ☺

  4. Great post. I have run a homeless out reach for 18 years and you are correct about some people not looking the 100%part (nails and hair even name brand clothing) but also know that many churches and groups will do a special outreach to help people with self respect and offer theses services as a outreach to help with self esteem Great post

  5. So many lessons in this post Sis. We’ve had people who always complain of how they are in lack but then they are always travelling and taking their kids to expensive places. As believers it’s important for us to always remember that we will account for everything God gives us – this includes our finances. The old advice “cut your coat according to your cloth” should be followed by all.
    Regarding giving, I am learning to talk to God about it before doing it. I am a very emotional person and I am that kind of person who will sell everything to give to anyone who can tell me good story of how they are about to die due to lack😂.. So I get it. But don’t feel guilty about what you did. Most people shouldn’t always be given fish. They need to be taught how to fish and that is exactly what you did.
    God bless you sis😊

    1. Thank you! I’m so blessed by your response. I’ve never heard the quote “cut your coat according to your cloth”, but I love it. I also like the suggestion to teach others to fish. I give to everyone too, but I prefer to give those who are trying to help themselves. Maybe I’m wrong though. After the discussions I have had related to this post, I think I am going to fast and pray about this issue. Stay blessed my sister!

      1. I don’t think you are wrong sis. You are doing it from a place of love and that is what God wants us to do. And I agree about praying about it as well. Doing it according to the leading of the Holy Spirit will bring peace I’m sure. I thank God for your beautiful heart😊

      2. Awww you are such a blessing! I was just thinking sometimes people who are sick don’t look sick. I appreciate you. I will continue to pray for guidance. I feel so blessed for my blogging family.

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