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Tell Me Something Good Monday – Miscellaneous Thoughts

Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The LORD, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation.   Isaiah 12:2

It’s Tell Me Something Good Monday!  This morning I’ve been reflecting on some recent and not so recent events.  Last week was tough.  However, I was able to rest on Saturday and put my thoughts into perspective.

First, a few years ago a friend that I had reached out to in a time of tragedy, stood up in a public meeting and announced that I was racist.  Am I?  I would like to think not.  I grew up in the midst of racism, so I have made a concerted effort to break this pattern.  Then again, maybe we all are racist or prejudice in one way or another to a degree.  Was I racist toward this friend?  Without a doubt, I tell you no.  That night I left in tears, went to church and prayed for a long time.  I remember thinking of the lyrics in the song “Be Held” by  Casting Crowns.  Last week the person making the accusations came to me in friendship.  I didn’t ask for anything, just took the friendship request as a blessing.

Second, about a year to two years ago, I told my husband, “God wants me to take on the role of Crucifer/Lay Reader”.  For those of you who don’t know, it is a role during the church service where you lead the church in readings and prayers, and help the minister with the Eucharist (communion).  I could have taken on this role at anytime.  All I had to do was ask to be placed on the rotating list of volunteers.  As a matter of fact, I knew the church was in need of more volunteers.  Yet, I didn’t do it.  Why?  I had fear in my heart.  So, I kept on trying to improve my skills thinking that one day I would surprise everyone and volunteer.

CFF23564-AF92-4475-920C-2BAE7A57BFE5Yesterday morning I woke up hardly able to move.  The weather has been rainy and it takes a toll on my joints.  I was so tempted to go back to bed, but I knew that I had a commitment to teach Sunday School.  So, I got ready and left early for church with my husband.  In retrospect, after I started getting ready, I felt better.  So, I sat down in the pew, said a prayer and pulled out my sermon journal.  I’ve been keeping notes the last few weeks just to reflect on.  That’s when I looked up to see our minister.  He said “I need help” looking into my eyes.  I responded “with what?”  His mother has been unwell and I had told him that I was willing to help him anytime.  He said “with everything”.  Wow!  You know what that means.  I said “I’ve never done that.”  That wasn’t a problem, he was willing to walk me through it.


So, I very nervously followed his instructions.  I sat down on the pew at the front of the church and almost slid onto the floor.  I couldn’t remember what to say before the readings, so I just did the best I could.  After the first reading instead of saying “the Word of the Lord”, I said “the Lord of the Word.”  Then, I carried the Gospel down the aisle for the minister to read.  As he was reading, I was holding up what seemed like a huge book.  At one point, my world starting growing black around the corners and I thought I was going down, but I made it through that too.  Then, I started trying to memorize the one line that I needed to say as I took the wine around.  As I helped the minister prepare the gifts of God, I was thinking to myself “the Blood of Christ, the cup of salvation” over and over.  I made it through that too.  I was so worried about all what I was supposed to do, that I missed the sermon.  I guess Satan was working on me.  Now, I know that I can handle that role.  When I think about it, I have more people in Sunday School than we had in church yesterday.  It was the mere idea of the new role.

Finally, the last two days I have woke up with  a song on my mind.  Funny, I haven’t heard this song in many years.  So, I’m sharing it with you today, just in case someone needs to hear it.

I hope you guys have a few stories to share with me.  Don’t let fear stop you in your tracks.  God bless you.






  1. I love this, and these are the stories of why God pushes my hope and faith in Him. He can provide direct answers to thing, places, people He wants us to be a part of, even if we are unsure. When I was in Little Rock, and prayed for the Lord to pick out a church for me because I didn’t want to go through hardship, He provided a couple just a few doors down to being Bible study in their home while they prepared to raise up a church.

    He does answer. He does provide. And He will push us to go where He wants us. <3

  2. Whenever I feel that way I think He will strengthen us in our weakness, when we are weak He is strong. I manage to get through, I totally know how you felt there though I too had a similar experience at Christmas in on of our carol services. Praise God for His kindnesses and strength and thank you for sharing your blessings through tests. Xx

  3. God is great! He’s there with you through it all and he’s in that new journey with you as well! God bless you and give you the endurance and strength in Jesus Name!!! Much love! Xxoo 😇🙏💓

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