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Spread the Love Friday – Dominic Turns One!

Rejoice in the Lord always [delight, take pleasure in Him]; again I will say, rejoice!

Happy Friday!  It’s a great day to spread God’s love.  Today is Dominic’s birthday!  He’s been with us eight months now, and has become a big part of our lives and family.  We are thankful for Dominic.  Enjoy the birthday photo video.

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Do you pick and choose what to believe in the Bible?  Does the Bible seem a little too miraculous for you to wrap your mind around?  We all know that the Bible was not written at one point in time.  The Bible is called God’s word, but it wasn’t actually written by God.  So, how can an intelligent person know that the Bible is true?


The Bible is read on faith, but there is proof available for many of the stories in the Bible.  One place to look is history.  The study of ancient history and archeology prove many of the events that took place.  I have an Archeology Study Bible, but I’m sure there are many other resources one can turn to for answers.  Something else to consider is the consistency from the beginning to the end of the Bible.  There are many clues to how stories, numbers and themes relate, when we take the time to really study the Bible. If you are just reading it quickly like a novel, you will miss these clues.  However, an in-depth study over time is revealing.  Another place to look for answers is in the four gospels.  We know that four people will have different perspectives, but to record the same events at different times and locations is incredible.  I always think of all the people who spent time recording and even died protecting the written word of God.  Finally, the Bible is the only book I’ve ever read that speaks to me.  I can read it over and over, and learn something new each time.

In the end, it comes down to faith.  We actually need to believe in something on faith.  How do you know I have a cat?  Is it because of the photos?  I could have copied those on the Internet.  I could have made up the cat stories that I tell over time.  Of course, I didn’t.  Sometimes we just need to believe in things we cannot see.  What could be better than to believe in God, who loves you, and His Word?


I may be the only one who feels this way, but I believe what is in the Bible is true – All of it.  I don’t always understand how or why something happened, but I figure one day I will know.  I have listened to people reason their way around events thinking they were super smart only to hear others who knew the Bible backwards and forwards believe it on faith.  We should be careful about leading people astray or to our way of thinking if it is not in line with the Bible, because there are many examples of punishment against those rising up against God’s work.


I hope you have a wonderful Friday.  Spread God’s word wherever you go!  God bless you.

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