Praise the Lord Sunday – Have Faith

We’re not in charge of how you live out the faith, looking over your shoulders, suspiciously critical. We’re partners, working alongside you, joyfully expectant. I know that you stand by your own faith, not by ours.
‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭1:24‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Good morning from New Orleans.  This is the beginning of my second full day in Nola.  My first evening didn’t go as planned, but yesterday was wonderful.  I’m here for a business conference, so most of my day I was in meetings.  I know it may sound a little weird, but they were great.  I learned tons!  Then, last night I went on an eating tour.  It was great too.  It was more of a tour of the history of New Orleans and information about the best restaurants, but we did sample some creole food.  By the way, now, I know the difference between Creole and Cajun.

While we were walking, a man dressed like Darth Vader started dancing in the middle of the street for donations to the Death Star.  I saw kids tap dancing on the sidewalk, and a parade of pirates marched by very serious about their work.  I saw a couple of lost pirates looking for the parade.  I said “they went that way,” and pointed.  The response I received was “a pirate is never lost, because someone is always telling them where to go!”  Hehe  Everyone seems to be having fun here, maybe that’s why they call it the Big Easy.  Today, it’s raining and from what the tour guide told us last night, when it rains it pours.  Every day can’t be sunny.  Into every trip a little rain must fall.

The speaker at my conference yesterday was Derreck Kayongo, founder of Global Soap Project.  He was very entertaining, but his story was inspiring.  As a ten-year old child in Uganda, he watched the police call out four people at a time and shoot them in head until someone confessed to a crime.  He later became a refugee and he and his brother were brought into the country.  The people who took them in provided the boys with the best education money can buy.  Derreck knew the people in Uganda didn’t have soap needed for every day life, let alone medical uses.  Many women died from infection after childbirth and the children were ill.  The first time he stayed in a hotel he noticed three different types of soap:  face soap, hand soap and body soap.  Derreck visited different hotel chains and asked for used soap to recycle to send back to Uganda.  Then, while watching an infomercial he came up with an idea to seal the soap and draw out all the air, like one would freeze food.  Afterwards, he had the soap tested and the bacteria was removed.  So, his project continues.

I encourage you to read more about Derreck Kayongo.  Often I wonder how much of our donation money goes to keeping people who don’t want to work from trying.  This is a clear case of where two young men, one an entrepreneur and the other a Nephrologist, not only tried, but continue to make difference.  The clear message God gave me yesterday is that we need to also have faith in others.

Have a wonderful day.  God bless you.


  1. I live here. My husband was born and raised here in New Orleans. The culture is amazing. It absolutely rains every few days especially as we transition into spring and summer. Enjoy your business vacay!

  2. What a wonderful project. It sounds like an interesting town. I pray the rest of your trip is good.

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