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Forgiveness Thursday – Undeserved Actions

In prayer there is a connection between what God does and what you do. You can’t get forgiveness from God, for instance, without also forgiving others. If you refuse to do your part, you cut yourself off from God’s part.
‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:14-15‬ ‭MSG‬‬

Happy Thursday!  It’s a beautiful day to forgive others.

Sometimes forgiving others is more than what we expect.  Have you ever been minding your own business, working, when all of a sudden you find out you’re under attack?  Sounds a little silly on the surface level, but I’ve experienced this several times.  I have been accused of being paranoid and other things, but every time I was notified by other people who either witnessed or was involved first hand.  The good news is the more you experience these types of incidents, the better you know how to handle them.


The first time this happened, I panicked.  However, today I don’t know if I would have handled the situation differently, other than the panicking  part.  The next couple of times I was angry and aggravated.  Today, it got my attention, but I actually felt bad for the instigator.  If you think about it, a person would have to be desperate to stoop to levels of trying to hurt someone else for no reason.  Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s a dog eat dog world”?  It’s true, but we have the power to change it.


I have learned that the more we grow in God’s love, the better we are able to handle these types of incidents.  It also enables us to be prepared to take on new responsibilities in the earthly and spiritual realms.  That’s exciting.  So, today I fogive the one who seeks to cause unwarranted strife in my life, and I ask God to do the same

Have a wonderful Thursday.  God bless you.





    1. Thank you. My husband said when this happens we must be doing something right. That makes me feel good. 😊

  1. It’s very true. People who are hurt, or seeking attention from others, even if bad, like a child, will sift the coals, and not for a purifying purpose.

    1. It’s so sad. We all have all been there at one time or another. We just need to give them a little love too.

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