Forgiveness Thursday – Live in Faith Expecting the Best

Often, people who have endured hard times, difficult people, chronic illness, or abuse develop a negative view of life over time, even after forgiving those who have hurt them.  They try to protect themselves by expecting the worse.  This type of negative and fearful thinking leads to bitterness, unhappiness and a circular continuation of the…Read more »

Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday – Timely Prayer

It’s Wednesday and time to pull out your gifts, but not your Christmas gifts, your God-given gifts.  These gifts are the best and do not require a credit card for payment.  Today, why not set a timer on your watch, phone, Fitbit or other electronic device and pray for God’s will for your family, friends…Read more »

Try Something New Tuesday – Take a Moment to Destress

Whether at home, spending time with family and friends, shopping, or at work, the holidays can get a little crazy.  So, this week I hope you will join me in trying a new technique to slow down the stress.  When my life seems chaotic, I’m going to take a 1-2 minute breather.  It could be…Read more »

Tell Me Something Good Monday – It’s the Little Things

Happy Monday!  Tell me something good! I have several good things to share.  Friday night I dropped off some goodies for my little grandson.  He’s two and was glad to see me.  As I was leaving he called out to me in the sweetest voice “bye BeBaws”.  Awww.  Later, I received a hug from a…Read more »

Praise the Lord Sunday!

It’s Praise the Lord Sunday!  My favorite day of the week.  So how do you praise God? We typically go to church on Sunday morning, but I’m a little under the weather today.  That doesn’t mean I can’t praise God.  There is Christian programming on television and Christ based movies I can watch.  I love…Read more »

Time for Yourself and Your Family Saturday

I don’t know about you, but by Saturday I have to catch up on all the household chores that I let slide during the week.  This week why not schedule one Saturday chore each day so that on Saturday the list is a little shorter.  We all need some time for rest on the weekends.…Read more »

Spread the Love Friday – Let Your Actions Share God’s Work in Your Life

It is Friday and time to look for ways to spread God’s love.  The truth is as Christians we are always looking for ways to share God’s love and message, but on Fridays I challenge you to go the extra mile.  Let people see how the Holy Spirit is overflowing from within your soul.  Do…Read more »

Use Your Gifts to Change the World Wednesday

We all are unique and in our uniqueness have special God given gifts.  Often we don’t even know what our gifts are.  Today, look deep within your soul and discover what your unique gifts are and use them to make the world a better place. Every week I try to do something new, but today…Read more »

Tell Me Something Good Monday – Look for God’s Miracles in Your Life!

It’s a new work week and a time to celebrate God’s work in your life.  There are no coincidences.  God is always at work. Today I’m thankful for God’s help with my finances.  During the holiday season sometimes money is tight, but some how things work out.  This weekend I was so grateful for an…Read more »